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Welcome to St Augustine's Primary School

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calendarWant to find out what more information about our upcoming events? For the latest St Augustine's Primary School news and event, please see our new interactive calendar!

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Our School

image3Welcome to the St Augustine’s Primary School website. I hope that you enjoy browsing our website and discover many of the complimentary features that make our community vibrant and happy. The St Augustine’s community respects the dignity and individuality of all its members.

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Religious Education

image2Religious Education is the first learning area in the Catholic School Curriculum. At St Augustine’s Primary School, our Religious Education programme is based on guidelines approved by the Archbishop of Perth and the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia. The Religious Education programme aims to help students learn the teachings of the Gospel as proclaimed by the Catholic Church.

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Vision & Mission

image1In 2008, our school decided to embark on a process of school improvement. This involved connecting with the University of Southern Queensland and the IDEAS Project. Through this vehicle we are aligning the traditions and history of the school with current successful practices, defining the direction of where the school and its students need to be in the 21st Century.

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